Mediterian Taste

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Sambusak - Baked oven puff pastry filled with Marinara sauce & cheese. $13.99


Burekas - Freshly baked oven pastry puff filled with your choice of Cheese, Potato, Spinach,Mushroom. served with hardboiled egg and pickle.  $10.99




Ziva - puff pastry topped with sesame field with one of the following combinations: cheese & olives, cheese & mushrooms, cheese & pizza sauce.
Served with tomato puree, pickles hard boiled egg  and house salad. $13.99


Creamy Eggplant - Roasted eggplant in marinara sauce basil olive oil and garlic topped with three kind of cheese served with house salad. $14.99


Malawah Pizza - Puff Pastry topped with pizza sauce and cheese with choice of two toppings: Mushroom, Olives, peppers, onion, tomato or corn. served with house salad. $12.99


Malawah - Puff pastry served with hardboiled egg pickle and Israeli style salsa tomato sauce. $10.99


Shakshuka - Slowly roasted in tomato sauce with eggs and roasted bell peppers,
served with house salad & homemade bread.  $14.99