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Greek Plant - Eggplant rolls filled with feta cheese and pesto,served over sweet potato. $9.99


Stuffed Mushrooms - Mushroom stuffed with cheese, Served with Panini’s own dip.  $9.99


Italian Crostini - Sliced Ciabatta bread topped with garlic, tomato, and fresh basil topped with parmesan cheese.  $8.99


Tuna Crostini - Sliced Cibatta bread topped with homemade tuna,egg, and melted cheese.  $8.99


Avocado Roll - Eggroll filled with Avocado, scallions and sun dried tomato,served with a Homemade Garlic dip. $9.99


Caprese Salad - Roma tomato, Mozzarella cheese, basil topped with balsamic olive oil dressing.  $9.99